Typically, from my own interpretation, the start of holidays means starting anew. Breaking free from your former self, the one you left at the college. At home, you are someone different (at least in my case). As a matter of fact, I am quite a different person at home, depending on how you look at it.

Speaking of starting anew, during this three week break, I'm planning on achieving targets. It's not that I've never thought of the idea before, it's just that there is a difference between thinking and achieving something. The latter is obviously more satisfying.

So what do I plan to achieve during this period of three weeks?

Come to think of it, I'm not so sure myself.
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Hello again

The semester ended last Saturday, which means I'm off for a three week break. It will not be enough, I presume, based on my experiences so far. So P11 will no longer have Hazim the economist (and also our very own version of Ketua Pemuda UMNO, Aznil Nawawi or anak mami, for that matter). Instead, from the strong rumours I heard, we'll be welcoming Isa to our chalet. My optimistic side suggests that this would be a start of something new, while the other half considers the fact the he is quite contrary to what Hazim has always been. We'll see about that.

Last Saturday also marks my three glorious minutes of fame on national television. Afif's cousin, Aiman, secured a place as the finalists in the Akademi Nasyid which is aired on tv9 (trust me, I've never heard of the show as well) every Saturday. So the whole family went to the studio to support him. I tagged along as well, fulfilling Afif's invitation. We were seated at the front row, right beside the cameraman. So on live telecast we were, all hyped up and artificially enthused by the performances (at least in my case...I don't quite know about them though).I guess you can figure out the rest that follows. It was a nice experience though as I have never been in a television studio before.

I'm having a hard time with electronic gadgets lately. My handphone can no longer function normally, and for that, it has to be sent to the service centre for at least two weeks. Great. To make things worse, now my laptop suffers from a similar disease. It freezes every once in a while, making it difficult for me to live life like I normally do at home. My home computer takes forever to load. Now how wonderful is that?
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