Redang Bay Redang Bay!

I just got back from Redang this morning!
Woohoo best giler.

Will dedicate a post about the trip, but perhaps some time later.

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My Dateless Prom

Last week, on Tuesday, I attended my first prom ever. Well actually, it wasn't technically a prom, considering the fact that you came with your other three friends of the same gender, instead of your college sweetheart. But whatever. Perhaps I've watched too many chick flicks of high school romances that it kinda shaped my perception of prom.

Anyway, it was the food that I came for. Others might have different opinion about this, I don't know, but I thought the food was just normal. Afiqah agreed with me on this. The only thing splendid about the menu that night was the dessert. So I was kind of disappointed that night.

But overall, the prom was not bad at all. Some of the boys and girls looked stunning that night. If there was ever a moral of the story, well I think I got one. The open dance floor session remained as something I'd rather watch than get involved in. Haha. Ade orang tu gile all-out ar menari. Horrifying, really:P

Afi, our chaffeur. Haha I'm kidding. Thanks for picking me up Afi, sayang kamu.

One awkward interview with Azwan, one of the Mr KYUEM candidates.

Umyra and the boys.

Attiyaa, Fatin and Aainaa busting their moves on the dance floor.


Faiz Zamri. Apparently lost in the dance floor.

Afiqah Aziz:)

Sara Liyana.

Zaim and Muzhir!

One for the album.


Random photo number one.

Tiger and Nadia.

Random photo number two.

Akmal, Jeshua and Aidid.

Afi, Hariz, Haiqal and Tiger.


Our after party at Pelita with Abu and Aidy.

Owh yes, in a couple of hours time, I'll be joining the boys for the trip to Redang. Yeay beautiful sandy beaches here I come! Will be coming back on Friday, so don't miss me too much.

p/s: Nabila, thank you thank you thank you. Are you sure you didn't give me the filtered one?:P

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Saat Yang Genting

So I got home on Sunday from Kemaman, just in time to join my parents for dinner at Pak Li Kopitiam some time later. My parents insisted that he joined us too. So we had quite a conversation over dinner, but honestly, I was already thinking about the trip to Genting the following day.

The following morning, we took a bus from Hentian Putra to have fun at the peak. Wait, before I met Aidid, Afif, Acap and Zul at KL Sentral, I had an awkward moment with this South African guy. He came to me and told me his story, which I refused to share it here. Long story short, I wasn't sure whether I was mugged that morning, but in the end I did give him RM 3 to help his cause. Whatever his intentions were, I was glad nothing happened. And come to think of it, I certainly enjoyed the conversation. 2010 World Cup tickets anyone?

Overall, the trip to Genting was an awesome one. We went in at around noon and went back to the apartment at around 4am, after watching Terminator Salvation at the cinema. So you could only imagine how exasperated we were, but it was definitely worth the fun and experience. Aidid, Afif and I went back earlier the next morning because we had to prepare for the next event - the college prom. But more on that later.

Upon arrival.

Our room.

The spinner.

I think the girl on the right is Indonesian.

Pirates. Extremely underrated.

Go kart yang super slow.

Spaceshot. The best ride in the park. Definitely worth the wait.

Corkscrew. Well, the weather that afternoon totally screwed our chance to have a ride.

So toboggan pun toboggan la.


Bumper car.

Toured around Venice in a gondola.

Had supper at one of the restaurants to kill some time before watching Terminator Salvation at 1.15am. Yes, the food over there was pricey.

And then we went back to the apartment, cold, tired and sleepy.

Zul had written a detailed account of our trip to Genting in his blog. So you may want to head over there to read his entry.

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6 Naqib Reunited

So yeah, last two weeks I went back to Kemaman to meet my ex-classmates, some I had not met for quite a number of years now. We (I mean, they) had planned a mini party by the beach for the reunion. At first, I didn't want to go due to several concerns (the awkwardness the situation might bring about and transportation, among other stuff), but Zharif insisted. He even picked me up from the college. So hooray. I even spent the weekend at his place, jalan-jalan around Kemaman.

Despite the lack of number of attendees, the reunion turned out good actually, in contrast to my earlier prediction that this was going to be lame and boring. After not keeping in touch for so long, I guess this was a great opportunity to get updated with their whereabouts and going-ons. Oh how things have changed. Alisa is going to Portsmouth this September while Syasya to Queen's Belfast. One of us even brought her baby daughter along. Yes, she's already married. Some things, on the other hand, do remain the same. Like Anwar, for instance. His antics are still well-preserved.

Haziq Muzir. Now studying in UTM.

Anwar Hakim. Uniten.

Liyana Nabilah. Almost everyone in her family is a doctor. She will be joining them too.

Awie. The organiser.


Aeti Amira. She was there for a while, then she had to leave.

Jaja, or Wan Nur Nadzatul Aizat. I even remembered her full name:P

Alisa Hanis. She hasn't changed much, I guess.

Ain Amelia.

Zharif. Thanks for for the hospitality bro. Good luck in Wichita.

Amira Anuddin.

Erra Aziera.

Aina Nisha. Penolong ketua kelas. Also co-organiser.

The girls.

Almost half of the class.

Thank you so much Aina, Awie and the rest who made all the efforts to make this reunion possible. To those who couldn't make it, you guys better be around next time.

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I'm Back. I Guess.

Last two Fridays, on the 12th of June 2009, I had three reasons to be happy. Firstly, I finished all my A-Level papers. Yeah baby. However, I would like to reserve my comment on the examination because it may spoil the fun and the good time I'm having now. I knew one thing for sure though - I was glad that they finally came to an end.

The second reason was the arrival of the much anticipated Yearbook a couple of days back. Honestly, I can tell you a lot of stories behind the scenes regarding the making of the Yearbook, but never mind. They're not really pretty anyway. Here, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your compliments. I, on behalf of the design team, really appreciate the positive comments and feedback. It, undoubtedly, could've been more awesome without the slight technical errors here and there. And for that reason, we would like to apologise to the people affected. Missing chalet pictures, wrong contact details and pictures, missing articles, and possible misspelt names. We're terribly sorry for the errors omitted.

The third reason was the neverending chain of interesting and fun activities I have been having since that day until now. The chronology so far:

  1. 6 Naqib class of 2001 reunion party in Kemaman on the 13th of June.
  2. The trip to Genting with the gang on the 15th of June.
  3. My dateless college prom the next day.
  4. Garnet House farewell party on the 17th of June.
  5. KYUEM Inter house Football - the final match between Garnet and Topaz on the 18th.
  6. Our friendly rugby match between the juniors and the departing seniors the following day.
  7. The end of semester dinner held at the dining hall the same evening.
  8. The Awards Day, and a series of slightly unfortunate events which took place after that.
  9. A supposed orchestra performance which turned into watching Night at the Museum 2 with my bestie last Sunday.

Things I'm looking forward to later this week and the following weeks:

  1. The roadtrip to Redang with Ihsan, Faridq, Afi, Tiger and Safu tomorrow! Can't wait:)
  2. Biro Tata Negara. Hm, I'm not sure if this fits in the list, but whatever.
  3. The trip to Langkawi with the KYS homies! Another island, another round of good times.
  4. Muslim Overseas Camp.
  5. And finally, the A Level results.

I should really start disciplining myself to update this blog more often.
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