Wrapping It Up

Today is the last day of our fundraising project. Despite the challenging weather that we had to endure throughout the sale, it went really well I'd say. Can't wait for our next project in December. Oh, thank you so much to those who actually came down to our stall and supported the cause by donating their money to the fund.

Pulling a publicity stunt. Wasn't really effective, but it was a good effort nonetheless:)

Setting up the stall.

And the sale was on.

The Cypriot in action.

Oxford Road at its busiest.

One for the album.

In the kitchen, cleaning up.

Adina and Francesca:)

What a fulfilling day.
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Manila Flood Relief

So I went to the chaplaincy upon Adina's invitation right after my lecture a few hours ago. To be completely honest, at first I was kind of reluctant to join the voluntary group because I was the only boy around and that I did not know any of the girls except Adina. So it was pretty awkward for some time, I admit. All the girls were already occupied with stuff to do - some were cooking in the kitchen while others were cutting onions at the table. I, on the other hand, tried to make myself feel at ease by hanging at one corner of the area and updating my Twitter status and checking my Facebook account. Anything that could keep me occupied. Well of course it didn't work.

After some briefing by Francesca (a sweet girl she is), I was finally given the job to prepare the spring rolls together with a few other people. That was when the awkwardness disappeared. Geraldine, a first year Filipino student, explained to me what exactly happened in Manila last September. Two hurricanes struck Manila twice in the same week, leaving devastating effects and panic across the country. Many people lost their lives and thousand others lost their homes and are currently seeking shelter in schools and churches. It's a sad sight. All the while she was explaining this, I couldn't help but feel embarassed by my own ignorance. Why wasn't I aware of this catastrophe? Now that I understood the gravity of the situation they're facing, I'm really glad that I could be of some help. For once I thought I had a very fulfilling day, despite not being able to have proper Internet access for the whole day and finish my homework that's been piling up since the last two weeks.

Anyway, back to the main point.

The fundraising will begin tomorrow at 11.00am. Feel free to come and support to help lift the burdens off their shoulders. Together we can make it happen.

Good night people. Thank you for listening.

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In case you're wondering, no I'm not on a bus. I figured that I'm running out of beautiful landscape pictures to begin my post with, hence explaining the picture. Not that I'm trying to imply that it's pretty. Whatever. Doesn't matter anyway.

What's more important right now is the fact that I prepared myself a decent meal for lunch. Egg fried rice with barbeque sauce. Normally I wouldn't even bother touching the stove or the rice cooker because scavenging through the empty fridge seems like a better option. Not anymore you see. This young lad is slowly discovering his magic touch. Or not.

Financial Reporting lecture is at 3.00pm. After that, I'm gonna head straightaway to the chaplaincy to help prepare food for Wednesday's fundraising activity. The organisation is trying to raise fund to help the flood victims in the Phillipines, so I thought it'd be cool if I just lend a hand, you know, just to help promote the cause.

Now that the holidays are approaching really really soon, I feel the urge to get out and travel. Egypt sounds like a nice place to go. Spain too. But anywhere will do really. Hey I heard you're going somehwere this winter. Care to take me with you?

Okay. Lecture time.

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Do you know what I like the most about my occasional trips to Atlas? The scent of clean clothes, all dry and warm, fresh from the dryer. If no one's around, I would probably take the time to savour the moment by inhaling deeply the rich fruity scent of the comforter, then followed by a long "Aahh..." How satisfying. I guess the whole experience is even better than a trip to Musicana for a round of shisha fun time.

On the hand, if there are people around, I'll just read a book or listen to my iPhone instead.

Now that I'm able to write all this while doing my laundy could probably mean only one thing: the Economics lecture this afternoon is cancelled. So hooray to that.

The parents expressed their worries yesterday over the lack of communication between them and this son they own. I'm really sorry, but the Internet is somewhat uncooperative recently. I have no idea that she's the jealous type. Don't worry, I'll Skype you guys later alright.

Okay. It's now time for lunch.

P/S: Have you ever stepped inside a Hollister retail store? I really really love the atmostphere. The scent of summer, the dimmed lights and the beach like ambience really set the mood. It makes the shopping (in my case mostly it refers to window shopping) experience really worthwhile.

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Monday Morning

Finished my Economics Class just now. We were supposed to get our essays back, together with the grades and feedback but apparently mine was misplaced somewhere. Funny, according to Dr Richardson, because earlier before the class started he mentioned my name. Now I will have to meet him at his office this Friday instead.

Right now I'm hanging at the cafe, waiting for my Advanced Matheatics class at 11.00am.

Remind me to send my clothes for some drying at Atlas later this afternoon. Then I'll have to submit the Financial Reporting essay before 4.00pm today.

I will try my best to stay away from eBay for this week, at least. I think I've succumbed to the addictive world of bidding and winning that it is beginning to drain me financially. Oh wait, another item is ending soon! Got to go yo.

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A Quick Recap

I just finished a looong post for this blog but it suddenly disappeared! Damn it.

One step at a time I guess. Sigh.

Well, this post was supposed to begin with me realising how long this blog has been in abandonment and that I was starting to miss writing here. Then it would probably be followed by a sentence along this line,"I guess absence does make the heart grow fonder. Oh well, enough with the sentimentality." Or something like that.

Anyway, the main objective of today's post is to compress everything that happened from 19th September 2009 (and maybe a couple of weeks before that as well) up until today, Sunday, 15th September 2009. So here's the recap of previous episodes.

On second thought, nantilah.
I'm lacking inspiration.
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