I Think I'm Better With My Artificial Intelligence

Fifteen weird things/habits/little known facts about myself.

1) I often read newspapers out loud when I'm alone. Yes, like a newscaster.

Yes, believe it or not, I do that almost every morning after I finish my breakfast. Normally I will sit on the dining table downstairs and I will read out loud some interesting articles from The Star, starting from the sports section to more serious issues like the latest celebrity scandals. No I'm kidding. The world news actually. It's a habit that I picked up since I was in primary school. The funny thing is that the reading comes with facial expressions too. My English teacher said it would help me speak the language better. Haha. Now I can't seem to break the habit.

2) I talk to myself quite a lot actually, especially when no one is around.

Absolutely true. On the way to class, while I'm in the car alone, in the shower, or even when I'm about to go to bed, I will unintentionally pick up a conversation with myself, with topics ranging from current issues to future plans. Creepy, I know. But don't freak out. I'm still a pretty decent guy really. Hey, at least we've never had an argument.

3) Remember the show Barney & Friends? I used to have a huge crush on one of the cast when I was 6.

No, not Barney! This sounds rather silly, but this is a true story. I kid you not, I swear. Remember the jovial blonde girl in the show? Her name is Ashley. She was featured in the show from 1995 to 1999. Every afternoon I would watch the show, not because I liked seeing a dancing purple dinosaur, but rather because Ashley was on TV. She was cute weyh. But um, I might have taken it a little bit too far by writing letters to her. I didn't get the chance to deliver them though, which I thought was a good thing. Who knows what might happen if she actually read them?

4) I was a target of bullies during my kindergarten years. Then later when I was in Standard Two, I became a bully. Hey, if you can't beat them, join them. Right? Um...no?

Karma, they say. Yeah, I used to hate going to the kindergarten a lot because of that. I still can't figure out the reason why my classmates hated me so much, even until now. For your info, this is not the kindergarten which I had mentioned in my previous post. This one is before that. Anyway, some of the boys would take my belongings in the bag during recess time and throw them on the floor on a regular basis. There was one time when they even cut my shoelaces for no reason. Some of the girls were unsympathetic too. They would verbally abuse me in class. No I don't know why. Sheesh, but I do know that they really have acid tongues. Then when I became the monitor of class of 2 Anggerik, I put myself in the bullies' shoes, trying to understand their situation. And oh my it felt so good! When teachers were not around attending staff meetings, we would pick a fight with the neighbouring class, just for rereational purposes. Memang havoc giler. It's a guilty pleasure kind of thing. Luckily it all stopped the following year when I became a prefect. I'm changed man altogether now. Haha.

5) I used to sing in the shower out loud at home. This stopped when I finally figured that my neighbour could actually enjoy my performance too.

Haha, how embarrassing! No wonder they were looking at me in a peculiar way the other day. And the giggle that came after that too. Erk.

6) I was able to identify almost every car models that I saw on the road when I was 5.

My dad used to buy this British magazine called What Car? every month. It's an £8 car magazine full of pictures and reviews and news which I found very interesting to browse through. Pretty much like my textbook back then.

7) Stage fright. I still get that when appearing before an audience.

Yep2. I tend to beat around the bush a lot when I get nervous. And say the wrong things too. Haih.

8) I think British accent sounds pretty handsome when spoken.

Don't you agree? Listen to Beckham, Daniel Craig, Clive Owen, Alex Turner, or even Mr Conquest when they speak. It sounds so proper.

9) I have long eyelashes. Long, but not curvy, which is pretty disappointing actually.

It's a gift from God, I know. Dust won't get into my eyes that easy. At least I'll survive walking across the stormy desert with eyes wide open, just like the camels. I used to hate them a lot, but now I think they're pretty sexy actually. HAHAHAHA. I mean, I don't mind people making fun of them anymore.

10) High School Musical is not that bad actually. Hehe.

Um, no comments on that.

11) I used to think Japanese men know how to dress better than the rest of the entire world population.

And I still do actually. They can be a little out of this world at times, but hey, it looks just awesome to me.

12) I secretly wanted to be Westlife's sixth member back when they released their first album.

Haha, the dark ages when boyband reigned supreme and ruled the airwaves. I used to think they were a bunch of cool people. I imagined myself being on tour with them all over the world with millions of fans dying to meet us in person. Owh, I even made a back-up plan if Westlife rejected my application. N Sync and Backstreet Boys ade lagi:P Haha I felt so stupid for sharing this with you.

13) Somehow I think it's easier to lie than telling the truth.

Just a thought.

14) If procrastination is a paid job, I think I would've been a billionaire by now.

Trust me on this one. Haha.

15) I find it hard when it comes to giving detailed descriptions or instructions to people.

I know what I want in my mind, but sometimes I just can't share the exact impression with others. Lack of vocabulary perhaps? And I tend to ramble a lot too. Sigh. I think I have a problem in conversing properly.

Thanks for tagging Audrey, this is pretty interesting actually:)

Now I'm tagging:
- Syamim
- Haziq
- Fatin
- Azwa
- You.

I know you're bored right now, so do it yo:P
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A Little Twist in the Plot...No?

I had planned on writing a post about what followed my arrival from the zoo last Tuesday. I wanted to tell you how angry my mum was for not answering her phone calls. Yes, the 28 missed calls. I told her that the cellphone was to blame. It was already fully charged the night before and yet it still went dead while I was busy working at the zoo. Tired and definitely not in the mood for her lecture, I stressed out the point that it was purely unintentional. It was the phone. But she had more rational and solid counter arguments against mine, so I gave in. It was already Maghrib anyway. I had to get ready for the activity we had planned for the night ("we" being me, Reno, Ali and Haziq) - go karting in Shah Alam.

Later I found out that she had called several friends of mine too, asking about my whereabout.

I also wanted to tell you how twisted my Tuesday was. The trip to the zoo was something I really looked forward to. It started off well, but it didn't end the way I wanted it to be. The supposed go kart racing was a big letdown too. I had called the place earlier, asking if it opens that night. The voice at the other end of the line confidently confirmed this, so we thought everything would turn out okay. But it didn't. When we arrived at the place, it was already closed. I felt so pathetic and miserable. Luckily this bunch of people knew how to have fun, even in the worst case possible. Hence, determined not to let their trip to Shah Alam to go to waste, they decided to have a mini tour around the city. Armed with only a camera, we went on a photoshooting spree - from the arcade of Plaza Masalam to the lake nearby the PKNS building and finally concluding the tour at a mamak restaurant in Bukit Jelutong.

What a night it was.
Thank you for making my day.

But I couldn't tell the whole story properly because something went horribly askew yesterday.
I don't want my writing to sound rather narrative, so let me just stress some key points from the incident.

Number one. We decided to have the go kart racing yesterday. And so we did. Called the person in charge three times in advance, just to be clear. Nine of us turned up that afternoon - Haziq, Ali, Reno, Wiri, Faris, adik Reno, Farrah, Meri and me.

Number two. So we had an awesome race. While busy tackling corners and drifting through the hairpins, I felt something slipping through my pocket and it went to my back. But perhaps I was too busy manouvering the circuit to notice, so I ignored it.

Number three. Little did I know that it was actually my cellphone slipping out of my pocket. It only came to my realisation after the race ended. I checked the seat of the go kart, but to no avail. Panicked, I searched around the circuit, leaving no area untouched. The rest tried to help as well. We even tried calling the number to see if it could lead us somewhere. It couldn't. In the end, our one hour search around the mini circuit only met with my own frustration.

Number four. Here's the thing. The fact that the phone couldn't be reached suggests that it was either damaged as it hit the ground, or someone might have found it lying somewhere and switched it off. And kept it for himself. The first theory was indeed valid. But to be fair, we had covered the whole area in our search, so even if it was smashed upon impact, we could at least find its little pieces somewhere. But nope, none was found. I hate to be judgemental and pessimistic, but this actually leads me to the second theory. It could still be on the seat when I left the go kart and someone might have noticed the cellphone and quickly took it and make it his. This sounds rather silly, but my previous phone shared the same misfortune too. And um, I guess when you've become a victim once, you are somehow able to sense this kind of thing happening. It's like a victim's hunch I should say. Or maybe I just don't know who to blame.

Number five: Why do I put my cellphone in my pocket? Dude, everybody else did the same thing too, so it was not an issue. If my spider sense was tingling that day, I probably would've just left it in the car. But maybe things were meant to happen that day, and so it happened anyway.

So yeah, I lost my phone. My bad Wednesday. I figured that Fatin had a bad day too. Haih. Malang memang tak berbau. I will probably get my number back soon, so in the mean time, I'm pretty much a phoneless guy. Just like the old days. Hey, actually this is pretty funny, come to think of it. My cellphone and I were not in good terms lately. I've said some bad things behind its back. Lagging la, battery cacat la. Besar gedabak la. Maybe it felt offended, hence it decided to disappear. Padan muke saya tak bersyukur. My only regret was that we did not part ways in good terms. Sigh.

To Nabila, thanks for organising the voluntary work at the zoo yet again. Really appreciated it. And the brief visit to your place too. Everything was great except for the timing. Sorry if I ever offended you in any way. And I know that my mum was texting you that day, so the whole "jangan-beritahu-oggy" thing tu bley stop dah:P To Fatin, jangan fobia nak basuh baju lak lepas ni. Haha. And get well soon yo. Tak macho la nangis2.

Happy December the 25th everyone.
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A Little Twisted Tuesday I Should Say

I woke up at around 5.30am today because I had a community service at the zoo. I had to wake up early because I didn't want to go there unprepared. Plus, I was driving. Traffic jams can be a real pain in the ass, especially in crucial moments in which I'm sure you've familiarised yourself with. We were supposed to be there at 8. However, due to a slight miscalculation on my behalf, I arrived at exactly 7. Hence a good 60 minutes of waiting took place immediately after I parked my car at the zoo reserve parking space. No I was not tired...yet. The prospect of me having a great time that day rather silenced my pessimistic side's counter argument.

The first lesson today - as voluntary workers, expect ourselves to be fully utilised by the authority. Yes, the dry leaves on the floor, the clogged drain at the hamster house, the hungry mice begging to be fed, the almost full garbage cans, and even the cleanliness of the crocodiles' den - they are all under your portfolio. At least that's how Mr Hamdan and Mr Ravi made me perceive the situation. No I'm not complaining. Some of the things we did today were absolutely fun. Sweeping the dry leaves while being stared by the gang of crocodiles hanging out close by was like experiencing an intimate moment with the wild. Yes, we were in the den, sweeping. And yes, they were only a couple of feet away from us. The activity at the hamster house allowed us to grab the rattlesnakes' lunch menu by the tail. Too bad these cute creatures had to become a part of the food chain. Some fast-paced action drama were involved somewhere along the line too.

But um, since we volunteered ourselves to be part of the team, I think we deserved the right to draw a limit to our commitment to the job, don't you think? 'For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction,' Newton concluded. Well, this is an explanation of the extra time we took for breaks and, ahem, the breaking-in of the room just now. So if you happen to read this, Mr Ravi and Mr Hamdan, please understand that we have our reasons.

I've told you before about my cellphone. One moment it states that the battery is full, then later it dies just like that. I always thought that I just couldn't be bothered by its inappropriate behaviour. I guess I was wrong. 28 missed calls. In three hours. Sheesh. Indeed I was badly affected by it.

The journey home from the zoo just now was such a complicated issue that I prefer not to endure again. But it already happened. Why bother bringing that up again?

Summing it up, it involved:
A race against time. A supermassive parking lot on the road. Fulfilling wants. Discomfort, camouflaged. Destinations. Delays. An unacceptable excuse. Home. Lame jokes. An overworried mother. A pissed off driver. A silent outrage. A dead cellphone. A circle of friends. A wrong turn. Spaghetti.A stormy weather. Unanswered calls. Pudding. A little bit of anger. Fatigue. Unnecesary troubles. Complications. Insistence. Ignorance. A short notice. Awkward conversations. Concerns. Smelly clothes. Gratitude. A safe journey.

Ah. Maybe I'm just plain tired.
That probably explained why I was in such a mood.

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Yes, I'm Still Basking in Sentimentality.

I wanna share a story. Back then when I was primary school kid, the dial-up internet, which was made possible thanks to the 56K modem, was something new and revolutionary. Everybody in the class was super excited by its existence. Their fondness of the technology was made obvious through incessant sessions of online chatting. I was no exception. Friendster and Facebook were unheard of back then, hence besides communicating through e-mails and Yahoo Messenger, there was practically nothing else that we found interesting (well except for some who were thrilled by their online adventures to 'the other side', if you know what I mean). And soon I grew tired of it.

I decided to do something different. I signed up for penpal programmes at various websites, you know, just for the sake of trying. At first I thought it was rather useless and unprofitable. Plus, my English was only as good as the typical Standard 5 Malay boys from Kemaman, if not worse. So I didn't put any hope in getting noticed at all. Well, not long after I submitted my application online, I found out I was wrong. A girl named Bobbijo Harrison from New South Wales, Australia sent me an e-mail, asking whether if we could become penpals. And yes I was very very thrilled.

"Internet is so awesome!"

We exhanged e-mails for quite some time, talking about things ranging from hobbies to cultures and everything else 11-year-olds would talk about. I was so happy. Tapi malang tak berbau. It was raining heavily that particular afternoon and as usual I was surfing the internet when all of a sudden the thunder struck the house, causing a blackout. I thought it was only temporary. Later that day I found out that it had also claimed the life of my modem. And the computer too.

For a month, Bobbijo had not heard anything from me. When we finally got the computer back from the store, I tried contacting her again. But she just disappeared. Maybe thunders struck her house too. But that was it. Her story, I mean. Tak habis lagi la:P Then I started writing to even more people. There was this girl form Arkansas named Katie who shared a lot of stories about horses and alfalfa. Very interesting. I can't remember why we stopped exchanging emails. Owh, maybe I forgot my password and had to make a new email account but I couldn't remember her email because it's stored in my previous account resulting in me not being able to contact her anymore. Phew. That's quite a mouthful. Or maybe I just made that up.

And there was also Joanna Kroliczek, from Poland.

This is her. She was eleven while this picture was taken.
Yes I was intimidated. Look at me when I was her age. Haha.

Yeah this is the last letter that I received from her. I found it last Sunday when I was cleaning up my room. At the end of her letter, she asked me to send her my photo.

Did she get it?
Sadly, no. Because I never bothered to write her back.
Only two letters and that was it.
Teruk sungguh.

The moral of the story?
Jangan online mase tengah hujan lebat.
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They say hard work will pay off eventually. Or something like that. Well, in my case, this is indeed true. However, the reward for my effort came in a less conventional form. Guess what I found hidden in the cupboard for years? This!

Haha. Who are these bunch of children in red pants? Kanak-kanak Tadika Seri Budi Kemaman! This picture was taken in 1995. The third from left is Shah and the second (standing) from right is Kamarul. We were best friends back then. Very very close. But I'm not sure if we still are now.

My classmates.

The tadika that I went to used to organise a lot of activities which obviously require the kids to participate in. In this picture, we were performing a song which I couldn't remember the title. It was Graduation Day I think. Or something similar. That night, we became cowboys, dancing tribesmen and also not-so-accomplished junior bodybuilders. I can't show you the pictures because they are not so, um, 'appropriate' :D

Curious, I dug up all the albums that I've abandoned in the cupboard for years and found more and more pictures of my former self. Haha.

Like this, for instance.

Anyway, during my primary school years, I used to sign up for various kinds of co-curricular activities. Some were voluntary, like these.

Pengakap Muda! My earliest memories of sleeping in a tent, getting ambushed by gangs of mosquitos at night, marching in the sun, listening to ghost stories by the campfire, and everything else in between. Best gile.This was taken in 2000 I guess, during Perkhemahan Pengakap Sekolah-Sekolah Rendah Terengganu in Kerteh. Poyo je.

Haha. Zharif botak.

The group from Sek Keb Sultan Ismail, Kemaman.

Abu Ahnaf. See, I still remember his name.

And Tae Kwon Do too.

I received my yellow belt when I was in Standard Two.

And red/black tip when I was in Standard Six. I'm stuck in the same belt ever since.

On a different note, this is an example of the activities which I didn't really want to sign up for. But I did, involuntarily.

Me, Kamarul and a girl. Impiana Cherating, I think.

Swimming classes! Sounds fun, I know, but I couldn't think of any fun moments back then. Every class that I attended was like a prison sentence in disguise. Haha. I used to hate the swimming instructor very very much. He would take off his metal watch and throw it in the middle of the pool and ask us to bring it back to him. If you plan to make an excuse (because the thought of drowning scares the hell out of you), he'll simply answer by dipping your head into the water and push you to the middle of the pool. You're on your own, buddy boy! Does it sound fun to you? Almost every session I would struggle to live for another day (because of his stupid metal watch) and at times when I felt that I had reached my limit, I would scream out for help from those who would listen. Haha bodo je.

I knew I should've just played dead instead.

The Blueshirts.

Standard Five. Jamuan kelas 2000.

From left, back: Afifah Hidayah, Liyana Nabilah, Nadia Donut kot (haha oops), Haziq Muzir, Zharif, Sakinah. Front row, from left: Lupe, Lupe, Lupe, Ain Mohammed, Siti Khairunnisa, Afiq Azri, Kamarul, lupe, Anwar Hakim.

Call me sentimental, but seriously, it's great to relive those wonderful moments of childhood years every once in a while. If only digital cameras were already in stores back then, I bet thousands of pictures could have been taken. Senang sket. Actually, there are loads more that I could show you here, but maybe I'll just save them for later.

So yeah, my reward for staying at home and cleaning up my room for the whole of Sunday came in the form of nostalgic stories to reminisce upon. And here I am, sharing them with you.

What's your story?
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I'm back from Yana's place. Had my tummy stuffed with grilled lamb, onion rings, apple crumble and what not. I was told that the apple crumble was Nea's first attempt. Not bad eyh.

Saw many familiar faces. All looking fine and dandy. Especially Haziq. That's cool, mainly because I didn't realise how serious the landslide in Bukit Antarabangsa had its impact on his family until I actually read his blog this afternoon. Then we heard the story from the man himself and saw the pictures from his camera. Scary as hell. Hope everything will turn out just fine for those who are affected by the calamity.

We were ahead of schedule in the first place actually. Pushed off from Shah Alam at around 5.45pm, partly because of the lesson we learnt the last time we went to Gombak (to Syamim's place). But we overlooked the fact that this time we didn't have to go all the way to Bukit Rimau to pick Shahir up from his place. So there was a little misjudgement with the timing. Realising the fact that we still had ample time at our disposal, we decided to watch a movie at One Utama. Madagacascar at 6.30pm. Pretty awesome actually.

The journey back home was a little bit dramatic as Bob and the gang decided to do it "Impak Maksima" style. We were supposed to have a mini convoy back to Shah Alam, but it didn't seem like it at all. Macam race ar pulak. Call it adrenaline rush, but throughout the journey I thought I was having a conversation with God. Cuak gile.
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One Day In Prague

Haha. I wish.

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Raya Haji Comes Early!

Canon EOS 450D with 18-200mm IS lens. Owh what joy.

As excited as a child getting a lollipop, I tested the new kit for a bit.
Hangers galore!Yep2, it can even capture images of friendly toyols running around the house.
Sorry Afia:PRandom sungguh.Yeah. Hot naked chicks. Who can resist the temptation?

Hehe. Thanks ayah, you're the best.
Selamat Hari Raya Haji everyone!

You may not be reading this, but um...
Happy birthday Aainaa!

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Gua ditagged!

My top five most favourite foods :

  • Roti planta.
  • Kinder Bueno.
  • Muffins, preferably vanilla.
  • Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger.
  • Nasi & Telur. All time favourite.

Ten things i love doing :

  • Internet.
  • Music.
  • Photography.
  • Movies.
  • Sleeping.
  • Meeting people.
  • Um...blogging?
  • Games.
  • Sports.
  • Driving.

Five things i love doing when I'm emotional:

  • Sleep.
  • Have an intense conversation with my head.
  • Have a normal conversation with close friends.
  • Menyalahkan objek tidak bernyawa.
  • Three Rs - Relax. Reflect. React.

Five things I love doing when I'm happy :

  • I laugh.
  • I talk nonsense.
  • I smile.
  • I share my happiness with others. Chey.
  • I do stupid things and publicly embarass myself. Unintentionally.

Five things I wish to happen :

  • Awesome AS Level results.
  • An e-mail from Cambridge, saying "You're in, bro!"
  • Obama living up the expections of his voters and supporters.
  • Waking up realizing that I still have hours to continue sleeping.
  • I wish that they all would come true.

My top five addicted songs :

  • Sex On Fire - Kings of Leon
  • Pokerface - Lady GaGa
  • My Only Offer - Mates of State
  • Yankee Bayonet - The Decemberists
  • Death to Los Campesinos! - Los Campesinos!

Five people I wish to tag :

  • Mariam
  • Fatin
  • Nabila (tapi dia takde blog)
  • Pokchek
  • Anda!
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Langkawi, As I Recall It

Pingat Darjah Keberanian: JLo
Terbukti JLo berpegang teguh pada prinsip mind over matter ketika menaiki cable car ke puncak Gunung Machincang. Meskipun claustrophobic, keberaniannya mengatasi segalanya. Syabas.
Tangisan seorang wira.

Di Langkawi, kami lebih banyak bertutur dalam loghat Terengganu daripada loghat Utara yang mungkin lebih appropriate dengan keadaan demografinya. Even Aman pun xbley control at times.
Padang Besar.

Siapakah salah seorang ahli kumpulan yang hampir ditinggalkan bas gara-gara terlalu asyik menikmati nasi lemak di R&R dalam perjalanan ke Alor Setar?
-Ashraaf Raiez!

Ahli kumpulan yang paling bersemangat kolej? Klu: Hampir setiap hari dia memakai baju-baju kolej untuk ke mana-mana sahaja di Langkawi.
-Ashraaf Raiez lagi!Perhatikan Ashraaf Raiez. Go Garnet Go!

Dr Rahmat, bapa Bandung sebenarnya peminat lagu-lagu berunsur opera.
Pada malam barbeque di banglo merah jambunya, radio di balkoni mendendangkan lagu-lagu tersebut untuk hiburan kami. Zul, peminat harcore Def Leppard dan Guns N Roses, kelihatan interested dengan melodinya.
Kedengaran alunan melodi opera di atmosfera. Perfect.

Zul gemar scuba-diving. Di air terjun. Ketika breakfast.Beberapa ketika sebelum Zul melepaskan gian.

Muka Faiz member Farah Hazwani tu sebijik macam Juekk. Yep, Faiz tu perempuan.

"Ukur baju di badan sendiri." Pepatah yang paling sesuai untuk summarisekan pengalaman Aman membeli jersi di Padang Besar.

Roti di The Loaf memang mantap. Tetapi nasi lemak makcik berlori putih di kawasan tempat letak kereta sekitar Bayview Hotel yang terbaik. Tak hairanlah jika orang ramai sanggup menuggu giliran untuk mendapatkan nasi lemak pelbagai kombinasi makcik tersebut. Kuih2 dia pun sama. Pergh.
Makcik Bayview Hotel terbaik!

Pemenang Anugerah LAME Langkawi 2008: Nabila Majid
Lawak-lawak spontan yang paling kurang mendapat sambutan. Tahniah.
Tahniah Nabila!

Biasalah jika berkunjung ke mana-mana destinasi pelancongan, kita ingin mendapatkan souvenir sebagai kenang-kenangan. Bukan selalu dapat pergi ke sana. Tetapi bagaimana pula jika souvenir anda tiba dalam bentuk lawatan ke klinik dan tiga jahitan di kening? Syera, JLo dan Bandung punya cerita menarik setibanya kami di Jeti Kuah.

Soalan : Apa persamaan Ashraaf Raiez dan Zul?
Jawapan: Trip ini merupakan kali pertama mereka ke Langkawi.

Pada awal perjalanan ke Langkawi, Nabila ada menyatakan kepada kami tentang 'competition' yang dipersetujui antara Chimbo dan dia. Chimbo pada ketika ini sedang mengikuti trip ke pantai timur bersama satu kumpulan yang lain. Syaratnya mudah. Kumpulan yang mencapai target 4000 keping gambar diambil sepanjang trip menang.
Kami akhirnya menang, walaupun tidak mencapai target 4000 keping.

Ahli kumpulan paling semangat - Baku!Tak pernah tak semangat:P

Pernah mengalami sindrom post shopping regret? Sama ada anda membeli dan menyesal atau menyesal kerana tidak membeli. Sindrom ini mampu merosakkan percutian anda. Penyelesaiannya? Ikut cara Ariff Daud. Beli dahulu, cerita kemudian.Ahli kumpulan paling gembira di Padang Besar. Gambar menunjukkan hanya sebahagian daripada barang-barang yang telah dibelinya.

Sediakan makanan sebelum perjalanan panjang, terutamanya ketika dalam perjalanan menaiki kereta api yang sangat lama. Menu di kafenya tak banyak. Tapi chef2 dalam keretapi tu mesti cool kan? Kerja merata-rata. Sekejap di Ipoh, sekejap lagi di Arau. Hmm.
Menikmati mihun yang tak macam mihun sangat. Tapi bolehlah.

Ketika di Padang Besar, saya keliru seketika. Rata-rata orang yang saya temui, lebih ramai orang bertutur dalam bahasa Kelantan dan Siam daripada loghat utara. Membuatkan saya lupa sebentar bahawa kami sebenarnya di Perlis.

Padang Besar = Syurga Jersi Unggul.
Satu fakta benar yang tidak boleh disangkal lagi.Cakap je, semua ada.

Orang yang paling tenteram tidurnya ketika dalam kenderaan awam - Zul.
Baik di dalam bas atau di dalam gerabak kereta api, tiada apapun yang mampu menggugat tidurnya. Saya respect daya konsentrasinya yang tinggi.

Ketika di Pantai Chenang, pastikan anda berurusan dengan orang yang betul jika ingin bermain banana boat atau island hopping. Ade mamat ni memang tak putus asa mengajak kami menggunakan perkhidmatannya. Rumor has it that in the case of island-hopping, sometimes they just send you to one of the islands, and then leave you there for good. Owh-kay.
Riang-ria di Pantai Chenang.

Malam Maggi dan Jutaria di rumah bujang merupakan malam highlight bagi saya.
Memang xbley bla.

Tips untuk diri sendiri: Jika menyewa kenderaan di Langkawi secara berkumpulan, pastikan kenderaan tersebut cukup luas...dan mampu mendaki bukit.
Our pimped up ride. Yeah baby!

Lawatan kami ke Idaman Suri menyedarkan saya tentang betapa ignorantnya saya terhadap selera dan citarasa kebanyakan kaum ibu. Jika ada award untuk anak yang paling memahami antara kami semua, sudah pasti Shafielah pemenangnya. Tidak lekang phone dari telinganya ketika menerima pesanan daripada emaknya di Seremban dengan tekun. Dulang, cadar katil, utensil dapur, semuanya lengkap. Semua untuk emaknya. Saya? Um. Toblerone je kot. Tu pun untuk diri sendiri.

Apa bezanya rasa laksa penarak di Langkawi dan laksa yang biasa kita makan di kedai-kedai lain? Entahlah. Sampai sekarang saya masih belum dapat meneka jawapannya.

Owh, next time bila announcer perkhidmatan pengangkutan awam buat pengumuman "Harap maaf, kereta api mengalami sedikit kelewatan dan dijangka tiba sebentar sahaja lagi", pay no attention to the words 'sedikit kelewatan' and 'sebentar sahaja lagi' because seriously they have been misused. Hmph.
Kereta api usang pilihan kami!


One of the things I've learnt from the trip to Langkawi last week is how dependent we are on technology - mobile phones, to be precise. Sangat-sangat penting, sampaikan ketiadaannya buat kita tak tentu arah.

1. Just a moment after Nabila and I set foot on the sidewalk of Pudu Raya that Monday night for our bus ride to Alor Setar, she realized that her phone was left at the back seat of the car. Her driver, who was driving us both to the destination, had already left. Travelling with the absence of her mobile phone was not something she had planned. Panicked, she borrowed my phone and called home, asking for her driver's number simply because she couldn't remember. Her parents were both in Hong Kong, so calling them would not be such a brilliant idea. To make things worse, her sister didn't have his number either. Bummer. By now, the driver mesti dah jauh gile. Then, she asked her cousin of the same question. Nasib baik the family knows the driver's number. So she then called him, explaning the whole thing she was going through. Dengan baik hatinya, dia pun patah balik. Panik di Pudu Raya pun berakhir.

You know what's funny? Instead of going through the hassle, she could've just called her number using my phone and he would've certainly noticed.

2. My N80 and I are not in good terms lately. He turns off whenever he feels like, even in crucial moments - like the one we had in KL Sentral mase nak balik on Friday morning, termasuk a few other occasions as well. Nabila's mobile phone dah nyawa2 ikan upon our arrival to KL Sentral that morning. Being a careful and organised person that she is, she told her mum in advance that in case if she couldn't be reached, she should contact her friends' numbers instead. Well in this case, she gave her mum Aman's number and mine. Haha confident je. Little did we know that my phone wasn't functioning properly and Aman had already left KL Sentral. Jadi bila her father arrived to pick her up, she wasn't there because she didn't know, and also partly because my phone buat perangai. Tak pasal2 ada lecture on time appreciation. Haha.

So that was our Langkawi trip as I recall it. I might have missed out some details somewehere along the way, but what matters most is the fact that we all had a wonderful time. Thanks everyone for the experience. And thanks for inviting:P Haha.

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