Better Late...

Here's a rather bizarre article I stumbled upon the internet today, as featured on Greg Ross' page.

Shizo Kanakuri disappeared while running the marathon in the 1912 Summer Olympics in Stockholm. He was listed as a missing person in Sweden for 50 years — until a journalist found him living placidly in southern Japan.

Overcome with heat during the race, he had stopped at a garden party to drink orange juice, stayed for an hour, then took a train to a hotel and sailed home the next day, too ashamed to tell anyone he was leaving.

There's a happy ending: In 1966 Kanakuri accepted an invitation to return to Stockholm and complete his run. His final time was 54 years, 8 months, 6 days, 8 hours, 32 minutes and 20.3 seconds — surely a record that will never be broken.

Moral of the story? I don't know. Perhaps if you have to choose between a glass of orange juice and national pride, always pick the latter.
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Seketika Di Dapur.

This week so far has been an unproductive one for me. I wanted to go jogging, but my left leg hasn't fully recovered yet (tapi bley je kalau nak). I wanted to start reading a book, tapi at home takde title yg interesting enough. Watering the plants tu memang tak ah. So I was left with no choice but to proceed with the usual routine -TV, internet, tido, and movies (which is fine by me, but not quite according to the mother.)

Tapi not today. Sebab today, I finally did something awesome. Haha. Gua buat doughnut weyh! Lu bikin apa hari ni? (Sorry ar poyo sket. Sangat excited dengan pencapaian diri.)

Ini bukan lakonan semula. Ini saya, mula berjinak-jinak dengan dunia pastry yang indah. Haha.

Mula-mula, buat bentuk normal.

Curious, I went on to make a pretzel-looking doughnut...which I failed miserably.

Goreng-goreng time.

Next, sapu sket glazing sugar on the surface of the doughnuts for maximum impact. Haha. Then siap!

So yeah, that's about it:)

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Bukit Jalil

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A Lonesome Friday

Both the little sisters are coming home today. I never thought I'd say this, but I secretly miss them very much. I miss being annoyed at their antics and gossips. I miss getting into fights with them over petty things such as the TV controller and the internet. At least it's better than having conversations with my head all week long.

Isy. Cepat ar balik, makcik-makcik sekalian.
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Admit it. Stop-motion videos are never boring to watch because they are awesome and unique. Those who appreciate them will understand the huge amount of effort being put to make a simple 3 minute animation for the viewers' pleasure. Well, at least to some of us. When me and Tiger attempted our first stop motion video last year, it took us days and thousands of photos to create a six minute video. Although it was a painstaking process, it was worth every minute. So when I stumbled across this video on Youtube the other day, I couldn't help but admire the awesomeness of the video and the director. This is truly a masterpiece. Nod your head if you feel the same way too.

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Just Now.

On my way back home from KLCC just now, I noticed a lad sitting in front of me in the LRT. His eyes were closed, his head rested against the glass panel, totally unaffected by the occasional knocks he received throughout the journey. His bag was firmly placed on his lap as water was dripping from his wide open mouth. I also noticed the writing on his shirt. It read "A Wild Dream."

Then it came to me, "Oh patut la. He's living the dream."
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My Favourite Pictures From Redang

Owh Redang Island we miss you already.

Advertisement 1.

Advertisement 2.

Upon arrival.

"Macam postcard," Azam suggested.

Dalam boat.

Our private beach.

The island.


Masjid Kristal.

And the winner! Sorry Safu, tapi serious lawa:P
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Settling Down

I got back from Langkawi yesterday. The bus started its journey at 9pm and arrived at Pudu at around 5am the following day. While waiting for the LRT to start operating, we had breakfast on the streets of Masjid Jamek. How interesting.

The Langkawi trip this time around, to me, is awesome in its own way.

To Pua, thanks for the hospitality.
To Atuque, nice keeping in touch with you.
To Tloy, thanks for the story. I'll try to learn a lesson or two.
To Reno, Ali and Nasy, selamat fly ke Aussie.
To Haziq, congratulations. Imperial baby!

And to Oggy, good luck dude. Manchester's waiting.
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