I got a postcard yesterday. Wee!
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The Little Things

A great friend of mine sent me a poem last Tuesday.
It is of her own writing.
"The Little Things", the title read.
I was planning to post it here, but after giving it a thought,
I decided not to. It was meant for me, after all.
Plus, it'll be more special that way.

It is a simple poem.
No heavy applications of
or enumeration.
Just words to convey the messages,
and clearly they were projected before me.

It struck me.
Sometimes we are too busy doing things we do,
too occupied with tasks and jobs
that we tend not to notice
the little things that have actually
done wonders to our life
and making it more meaningful to live in.

We are too enraptured
in chasing dreams
and fulfilling needs
to notice the details in the fabric.

Because sometimes
little things give us away.

Thanks for making me realise:)

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Last Monday Night

So Monday was awesome. Six of us - Nea, Ei-Jean, Aainaa, Faris, Shahir, and me went for berbuka puasa at KGSAAS. Yes, Shah Alam, I know. What a great location to have an outing with friends. The food was nice, although I must admit that some of us were expecting more. Don't get me wrong, we were actually very grateful that someone was kind enough to foot the bill for us. So thanks a lot, we really appreciated it (you know who you are=). After berbuka, Shahir suggested an activity -firecrackers and bunga api. So off we went to a lake nearby the PKNS building to relive our childhood memories, well at least in my case. Personally, I'm not a big fan of firecrackers and bunga api, partly because of the fear that I may not sleep at night in one piece anymore, and partly because of this one story in which I was very much involved in.

It happened when I was in Form 1. Well, if you're wondering, this story has nothing to do with me getting involved in an accident where I lose three of my fingers in an explosion caused by home-made firecrackers or anything of the sort. Now let's keep this simple. It was the 2nd day of Raya and I was in my grandmother's house in Ipoh. We stayed there for a couple of days. My cousins and I had a great time doing things relatives normally do everytime they meet during festive seasons. It was just great. So one afternoon, one of my cousins asked me out to get some supplies of firecrackers at a stall nearby. I agreed, and we both went there together. He must have collected a lot of duit raya beforehand, because that afternoon he was shopping like mad. I didn't say anything that moment- as long as it's his treat, I'm game. Plus, it's not that I will ever buy them using my own money anyway. It's like burning your own money.

Later that night, after the family barbeque, we burnt every single firecracker we bought at the stall. Took us hours to finish the whole pile. I just tagged along. After all, it was his money, remember? I thought I had the last laugh.

So the following day, when my family was busy packing and preparing our stuff before we headed back to Kemaman, I noticed something amiss. My duit raya was gone. The whole bunch of it. Little did I know that it was my cousin who took it while I wasn't paying attention that afternoon, using them to buy firecrackers for us to enjoy that night. Let's just skip the part where I found out that he was the one who did it. Trust me, I had no idea he would do such a thing. I thought that I must've misplaced it somewhere and the thought of the money being stolen by my own cousin never crossed my mind. Sounds like betrayal to me. Well, in the end, he confessed to one of my aunties of his crime. I was indeed betrayed.

I still had the last laugh, but I figured it was not that funny anymore.
That's just sad, ain't it? But it was ages ago, and we're now in good terms. I guess.

That's why I don't fancy them that much. Anyways, it was really fun hanging out by the lake. Thanks Aainaa for saving the day by bringing the camera along:)
But um, I must point out that it didn't really feel like Ramadhan when we went out that night:P

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Wall Street Is Burning, But These Fat Cats Will Be Just Fine

Martin Sullivan (AIG)

Former AIG CEO Martin Sullivan netted more than $14 million last year, including a $1 million salary, $3.6 million bonus, $921,876 in stock awards and $2.4 million in option awards. As generous as this sounds, it was actually a bad year for Sullivan, who earned more than $21 million in 2006. But don't worry too much about Sullivan, whowas replaced by Robert Willumstad in June 2008. A new executive severance plan announced in March keeps Sullivan covered with salary and bonuses for 30 months after termination. AIG's 2007 fiscal year ended on December 31.

James Cayne (Bear Stearns)

Bear Stearns' former CEO James Cayne raked in $38.3 million in 2007, including a $250,000 salary, $17 million bonus, $14.8 million in stock awards and $6.2 million in "other compensation." Cayne was outsed as CEO in January 2008, when Alan Schwarz, formerly the president, took over. Schwartz sold the company to JPMorgan Chase in March, after it became clear that the investment bank couldn't survive the ongoing mortgage crisis.

Kenneth Lewis (Bank of America)

CEO Kenneth Lewis, who earned more than $24 million last year. Lewis led Bank of America to buy Merrill Lynch this week after acquiring Countrywide Financial in January. Last year, Lewis earned $1.5 million in salary, $11 million in stock awards, $4.5 million in options and $4.3 million in non-equity incentive plan compensation. His pension earned another $3.2 million, and he got more than $200,000 in other compensation. Meanwhile, industry analysts anticipate thousands of layoffs stemming from the recent Bank of America acquisitions.

Daniel Mudd (Fannie Mae)

Former Fannie Mae CEO Daniel Mudd garnered $11.6 million in total compensation in 2007. He started with a salary of $986,923 and saw a big increase with stock awards of $6.8 million. Mudd also earned $576,492 in option awards, $2.2 million in non-equity incentive plan compensation, and $863,749 due to changes in pension value and nonqualified deferred compensation earnings. Earlier this month, the Federal Housing Finance Agency named Herbert Allison the new CEO of Fannie Mae as part of the government's takeover of it and fellow mortgage financing agency Freddie Mac.

An article I read in the internet which I found very interesting. Thought I should share it with you. It's amazing how much financial CEOs got paid to ruin their companies.

Read more about the article here.

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20 Missed Sahurs

BREAKING NEWS: My 20-day streak of missing my sahur since 1st of Ramadhan ended today when mum did wonders in successfully waking me up. A historical occasion it was. Let's hope that this will last to the end. Just 10 more days baby.

I went out with Mira today. Said she wanted a shopping partner.
Well frankly, I just wanted to see her.
It was fun following her around the mall from one outlet to another - occasionally offering my humble opinions when needed - although I must admit they weren't as helpful as I would've liked them to be. I blame my fashion education for that. Then, after hours of walking around the place, your tummy starts making funny sounds. Here comes the overture! Behold..."The Perutchestra". A beautiful serenade to remind you of the fact that you have run out of energy.

I almost went for a jog around the neighbourhood with a cross country champion after I got back from One Utama in the evening. Almost, because it seemed that she had bigger a commitment to the family. Takpe, family first right? Jogging can wait. So maybe tomorrow then.

Remember the video that I mentioned in my earlier posts? Well, here it is.
(This is a request from Wiri)

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And So It Ended

So Hamlet was murdered yesterday. Hooray. I mean, finally the play is over. No more practices, no more stage managing, no more "not studying" at night. I'm not interested in describing the event last night in great detail, but overall I felt great because finally the burden was lifted off our shoulders. There was a slight change in the initial plan, as some of us would probably notice last night which concerned me and Faris, making it a kind of a big deal to us. Dressed in peasants' costumes (which were actually girls' tops with a little modification to create the "peasantly" look) as well as heavy make-ups applied on our faces (which apparently did not create the illusion of paleness, but rather the drag-queen look), I bet Athirah (the make-up artist) really enjoyed every second of it. Haha. Even Nonel and Ainaa took the opportunity to voice out their "opinions" regarding our looks. Thanks for the feedback folks. Really appreciated it. I don't quite know what the audience thought of the play as whole, but what I do know is that everybody had played their part quite well. So bagus ar.

I forgot to mention this in my previous post, but I think it's still not too late for me to congratulate our debating team for their efforts during the interhouse debating competition which ended last Tuesday. The final round was quite disappointing though, seeing such a promising team of able debaters only managed to settle in the 2nd place after three straight wins in the earlier rounds. Great efforts nevertheless. Congratulations.

In a few hours time, we'll be going home for Hari Raya holidays. Yippie.
So Happy Holidays people:)
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Tuesday, 16 September

A fellow blogger who does not wish her site to be found, Lili, shared her thoughts about my blog yesterday. She said that it's a cool blog, but sometimes it's scarce on materials. Haha. I know. I've not been inspired lately. Nothing that interesting to write about. I don't do gossips, if that is what you're suggesting.

Just so you know, I'm currently involved in a drama production. Yep, the one entitled Hamlet which will be held this Thursday at 9pm. I don't even know how I ended up in the team to begin with. Obviously I did not volunteer nor attend the audition. I wasn't that excited and overjoyed, instead it was quite the opposite - I kinda hated the fact that I'm actually in it.

Owh, let me make myself clear - I'm not acting, although I must admit that the last time I played a role on stage was during the Shakespearean Night back when I was in Form 4 (menang Best Actor kot. haha. maybe xde org lain yg lagi eligible to accept the award). Anyways...no, I'm not acting. I'm just the stage managers alongside Faris and Nonel. So in the beginning, when we attended the first few practices, it was...lemme just put it this way - not quite a good first impression? We regretted the fact that we're in the production even more. At least, when the play is on this Thursday evening, me and Faris will be backstage, covering our faces and denying our affiliation with the drama.

But soon I realised that we're all there for a reason and that we have responsibilities to carry. We didn't do much really. Lepak2. Borak2. In fact, it's Mr Hanson who has been doing most of the stuff with the props and all. So tu la, it's not that nice of you to to be a free rider when other people are doing their jobs, don't you think?

So we began doing our parts in the play.
Preparing the props before the start ofevery rehearsal.
Kemas2 the props after the end of every rehearsal.
Tolong sket2 here and there.
I still don't enjoy it though.
But a stage manager's gotta do what he's gotta do.
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The Bigger Let Down

Hey all.
I went back home last Saturday with the sole intention to let off steam, after two weeks of question papers and whatnot. Economics paper 1 was my last actually, and I was exam-free for three days before that. I wasn't really under pressure I guess. Anyways, let off steam I did, by relaxing at my favourite spot in the house - in front of the television, laying comfortably on the floor after berbuka with my family for the first time this Ramadhan. And if you need me to clarify myself, yes I had performed my Maghrib prayer first before that. It had been a while since I last watched a football match at the comfort of my own home, so the match between Manchester United and Liverpool that night was something delightful to look forward to. I was, however, devastated by the result. What a let down. Normally you wouldn't expect them to play like they did that night. And thanks Brown for the contribution. At least O'Shea won't feel embarassed with himself anymore. Don't worry, I'm still a fan though.

On Sunday I was already bored to death. So I spent the whole afternoon watching the latest season of Gossip Girl. Aainaa was right. The script for the latest series is indeed shorter than the previous one, partly because this time around there are more making-out scenes than actual conversations taking place. Perhaps the actual plot lies in the "oohs" and "ahhs" rather than the usual dialogues. On my way back to college, our car was stopped by a guard and a small crowd by the roadside just outside the college area, not far from the guard post. Apparently a lady fell off her motorcycle in the dark. She didn't look so good I must say, nasib baik the guards had already called an ambulance. Then it struck me. Last year one of the top dogs in UEM Group bragged to the audience in his speech during the 10th Anniversary of KYUEM about how they had spent millions of ringgit to upgrade the college's infrastructures. Yeah right, many of the upgrades pun actually were on landscaping and unnecessary stuff. I mean, they even planted trees along the road to the college so that it would look more...inviting. What about lamp posts for safety purposes? Why were they not in the list as well? I bet many parents and visitors had complained about this before (and even SC had asked the management to consider the option), but so far, nothing is being done. I'm not being ungrateful here. I really appreciate the fact that our college now looks more elegant (if that's the right word), but you know. Dah la our college is located in the middle of nowhere, gelap pulak tu at night. Unless the lamp posts are set up to shed some light on us the poor souls of Lembah Beringin, in the dark night we dwell. Hoho.

And today I faced the music. The moment of truth. Many of us got our testpapers back today. And darn, my Economics result was so heartbreaking. It still is actually. Discussing the questions in class was a bitter experience, especially when you're the odd one out with such marks - at least that's what I thought, until a good friend of mine offered her words of advice. Nothing extraordinary in her words actually, nothing new. In fact, it is the same thing that I've been telling myself over and over again. But it's amazing how another person who tells you the exact same thing could actually convey it differently - and making it sound more interesting, more comforting and more memorable. And hence, I would not weep silently under the blanket nor putting on a long face all day long to commemorate the bad results. Lagipun, I know exactly why I didn't do so well this time. Complacency, my friend, is the keyword. My terrible mark for Econs Paper 1 was a clear reminder for me to not just feeling comfortable as if you're all set and ready to roll. The truth is, Encik Alif, you are still not! That's why you were caught underprepared in the exam hall that Saturday. But whatever. What's done is done right? At times like these, I totally understand that many of us would be so hard on ourselves. Go ahead, blame yourselves for not doing your utmost best, or cry if you must. But after that, please acknowledge the fact that it's now time to start anew.

(P/S: Jangan la sedey sangat Fatin, wokeyh?)
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The Big Let Down

I have never been a big fan of politics.
I don't know why.
Maybe it's because we're not meant for each other.
However, for the past two weeks, I began paying attention to the current issues.

The American Election never lacks interesting stories to tell.
Obama's speeches are always inspirational.
I think Biden will make a good VP...
...and it seems that McCain is no maverick after all.

Apparently, Samak is not in the mood to resign yet, despite facing mounting pressure from the people.
I appreciate the perseverance, but dude, don't you think it's time?

And Malaysia, negara tumpahnya darahku.
An interesting (depending on how you look at it) time we're having now.

Our local political scene made me realise exactly why I had no interest in politics in the first place.

It's disappointing.
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Another Incessant Rambling

The trials will start tomorrow!

Mr Mahadzir gave us a set of S1 questions in class just now.
How did I fare, you ask? 

I didn't have class the whole day except for block 1 and 2.
What have I been up to during the free periods then?
Um, you think?

We did a timed essay in History class on whatever topic we feel like doing.
I did an essay about imperialism which I've prepared beforehand. Well, a bit ar. But still.
Did I manage to finish the essay in time this time around?
Unfortunately, no. Urgh.

Mr Conquest liberated us from the three periods of Economics this afternoon.
He really hoped that we did our own revision during the free lessons.
I, on the other hand, was stuck in front of the computer, writing this post.

Realisation had hit me. But it's just not hard enough.
That's why I am still here, committed to the computer. 

I will start something. Soon.

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Three Missed Sahur(s)

Hello. Today is the third day of Ramadhan, which also marks my third day of fasting without sahur. Somebody has to wake up earlier soon. Asyik bangun mase subuh je. An intense game of squash yesterday had taken its toll on me last night. I was pretty drained out after terawih wo.

I figured that I can be easily distracted by random stuff revolving around me, especially throughout the period of this week when the priority is to finish my revision. It seems that up until today, it's still nowhere completion. I'm juggling between my Econs notes, Afif's Rubik's cube, this addictive application on Facebook called Bowling Buddies, the novel We Need to Talk About Kevin which I borrowed from Aainaa, and the follow-up to Sarah Palin's controversial story. All at the same time.

I only have Block 1 and 2 for today. Yippie.
Selamat berpuasa everyone.
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