Panic No More. I guess.

Last week was pretty awesome to me I guess. Besides having a hell lot of fun playing paintball with Topan & Co and watching a jazz performance with Aainaa and a few others, I managed to get my Malaysian and Islamic Studies coursework done. That's quite an achievement right? Especially for a boy who rarely gets anything done during the holidays because he is a strong advocate of the stance "Holidays and homework can never co-exist. NEVER." Hoho. Anyways, I was in a panic trying to complete my UCAS form during the last two days of my holidays. Gile ar. I've sent it yesterday in such a hurry, only to realise that we still have the rest of the week to make any amendments to our personal statement and the application form. Phew and sigh. It was done in such a hurry, so memang it won't be that awesome la. I've sent mine for revision to a few teachers and hopefully it's not the worst personal statement that they've ever read so far. Most probably it will require major corrections and all, but that's okay.

I'm beginning to feel a little peaceful and organised these two days, which is great, compared to the last few weeks before the holidays started. My schedule was a wreck. My life was a mess. (Chey sj je, it kinda rhymes). Now that I have more time for myself, I'm finally able to catch up on my revision. The trials will commence in two weeks time. 

I think I'm happy.
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IAW 2008: The Symphony of Unity

Last Friday marked the end of IAW 2008: The Symphony of Unity. Garnet did not emerge as The Most Islamic House that night, but we did come close that. For IPN, both male and female category, we secured the 2nd placing. I have no comments on that as the judges may have their own reasons based on what they saw. We got the 1st prize for the comic competition, thanks to Faris Bangbil & Co. However, luck (as well as the judges) were not on our side with regards to the video presentation. And so we endured another blow. I don't know what else to say. Like I said, some people just don't get it, but that's okay. I guess. Sigh.

Owh, happy holidays everyone!
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UEM Live! 2008: The Finale

No Solution!

Yaya, concentrating on the keyboard.

Luqman and Nea

Watching ourselves on the big screen. Our moment of fame.

Last Wednesday, the organiser called Nea informing about our luck with the competition. We didn't manage to get to the final stage, but...we were invited to perform as the opening act. Hm, I guess we weren't really excited nor too sad that we didn't get to the finale, perhaps it was a mixture of both. So after giving it a thought, we decided to perform.

It was quite a grand event, I must say. Personally, I was freaked out because we really2 didn't have enough practice! Dah la I was having a severe sore throat. That night, we performed three songs...straight. I don't know about the crowd, but we were satisfied, although we could've done way better if we were given more time to prepare. Takpe la, it was a great experience nonetheless.

And thanks to Sha, Adli and Bob for showing their support:)

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Erk. I think I caught a flu. This is bad.
Declare this an emergency!

Owh, finally Tiger and I managed to finish the video for IAW. I guess we'll hand it in later.
I know that we have been receiving mixed responses regarding our works. Some are full of praises saying that we dare to be different and creative and all, while others may be a bit sceptical with our direction. Some even took it to an extreme, claiming that we don't deserve to use the name Garnet House in our videos (Minggu Citra Budaya was a good example). Don't get me wrong, I do admit that some of these claims are indeed valid. Yes, we do admit that most of our videos did not involve the participation of Garnet girls. Yes, most of the times we did not consult others for brainstorming and ideas. Our bad, we admit. We promise to rectify these mistakes in the future.

However, to say that our MCB video is crappy and laughable is something that we cannot accept.

"Yes, we appreciate the effort, but I don't think people are gonna watch it."

That was one comment I received which I can never forget. It's not just a video about a box wandering around the college ground you know! There are subtle messages that we wish to convey through the video. Some people who truly understood the video find it very entertaining (ade je yg suke the video because the box is kinda cute), but what about those who don't get the idea? If there's one thing that we can see in KYUEM audience, it has to be their inclination to cheap laughs in videos. I'm sorry, but some of you must have the same view as me. I mean, it is absolutely fine to make videos which are comedic and funny, but please make it intelligent! I really don't mind if you include all the hottest guys and girls in college in the video so that it'll be more appealing to the viewers, tp don't la make it an embarassment. Erk.

One thing that I've learnt from the experiences we have in making videos is that we make videos to educate, not just to win the first prize. Hm..(words of a loser huh?:P)
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An Afternoon With No Solution

The other day, a band from Splugg, the organising committee of UEM Live! 2008 Battle of the Bands Competition came over to KYUEM to promote the event by having a showcase in the dining hall during lunch time. How strategic, I thought. Some were actually enjoying the performance, while others thought it was ruining their lunch. We were already informed about the performance beforehand through the posters advertising the event which were placed on college walls and notice boards. We didn't know that the event was even open to the students as well (because in the poster it stated that the competition is open to all UEM staff members) until the frontman of the band told us so. After giving it a thought (approximately a few days later, and a few days before the the application is closed), we decided - yeah, why not?

It was really a relief when we finally made it to the entrance of the UEM Academy that Saturday afternoon practically because of many reasons. Among the reasons include:

-Ihsan couldn't make it! He had to join the Duke of Edinburgh expedition to Kerling that Saturday when we were supposed to perform. Ihsan, as the lead guitarist, plays an integral part in the band. We had no idea what would happen to the band without him. However, being optimistic, Nea tried her best to find a replacement. After Jeshua and Dominique rejected the offer, finally our talent scout spotted Luqman and quickly made him a new member of the band.

-We had difficulties in choosing the right song to perform! On Wednesday afternoon, Nea and I discussed all about it and after getting the confirmation from other members, we decided to perform "Don't Look Back In Anger" by Oasis on the basis that we had performed the song once during Cafe Night Out last semester, so it shouldn't be as difficult in preparing ourselves for the big day.

-We had very limited time! With the busy schedule holding us KYUEM students in the chokehold, we could hardly find time to practice at all. In fact, the real practice session we managed to have was on Friday, the day before the event took place. Even that was not enough.

Anyways, that Saturday, we were the last band to perform. Hence, we got the chance to watch the performances by other bands as well. They were pretty tight I must say, although the choice of songs really reflected the maturity level of the contestants. Haha. From Footloose to Rock Kapak to Guns N' Roses, I believed that it was our job to return the audience back to the present world after a trip down the memory lane. And so we performed.

We did our best, that's for sure, I hope the judges would agree with us as well. We're keeping our fingers crossed until the announcement of the results this Wednesday. Erk. Cuak gak ar.
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Japanese Cultural Night 2008

Last Thursday (7th of August), the Japanese Cultural Club held its first grand event of the semester, the Japanese Cultural Night 2008. Held at the Great Hall, this year's JCN was quite a grand event with VIPs like Dato' Zakee as well as Mr Small attending as well. Anyways, it started at 8.15pm with the interhouse Ikebana (flower decorating) Competition. Then, after a short speech by Mr Small and Attiyaa, the attendees were treated with a traditional Japanese dance called the Masturi Bon Bon by the club members. A cute dance it was. Feeling tempted, some members of the floor decided to join in as well.

The hosts that night, Faridq and Kun-kun, later proceeded to the next agenda which was the Interhouse J-Rock Band Competition. Topaz was the first to perform, followed by Garnet, Sapphire and Diamond ater a short interval. The Garnetors, which consists of Tiger, Nitty and Isa performed their own original song. Isa wrote the lyrics while the other two worked with the music arrangement. For a fifteen minute work, I would say it was a good attempt. Haha. However, it was Sapphire who won the hearts of the judges with their song, also an original work, called "Sushi". It was the most entertaining performance of the night, I would say. Siap dengan back up dancers lagi.

The Iron Chef competition was entertaining as well. The contestants of all four houses all came up with different courses, even though they were provided with the same materials. However, nothing beats experience and reputation when it comes to preparing the best meal that wins the heart of the juries, as proven by Garnet representative, Naqiuddin. As the President of Culinary Arts Club, he provided Puan Halijah, Ms Rena, Miss Aida, and Mr Azman with a taste of fine dining experience with his food presentation. Congratulations Garnet:)

Besides the interhouse competitions, there were also other ongoing activities throughout the event as well. At one corner of the hall, there were people sweating it out, boxing each other on Nintendo Wii. Some of them were showcasing their killer moves on the dance mat with Dance Dance Revolution. Among other booths set up that night include manga drawing, goldfishing and buzzwire. Owh, there was Istana Takeshi as well! It was basically a maze house in which every visitor has to find their way out in the darkness, occasionally avoiding traps set somewhere in there. It did attract many visitors, but it could have been better with proper planning though. Outside. there were food stalls selling dorayaki, sushi, sparkling water and sausages.

On the whole, it was a successful event. A post party (of major cleaning up on stage and water gun shooouts) took place soon after the event ended. Memang penat gile, but it was worth it, I guess. Thank you so much to the organising committee members for doing your part, the crowd for attending the event, everyone. Thank you all, thank you.
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Garnet House "Red Letter Day" Welcoming Party

Today's entry is long overdue. So last Wednesday on the 6th Aug, all houses held their own welcoming party at their respective venues to welcome the juniors into the families. Garnet held our party at the cafe. It went quite well I guess. Maybe there were a few hiccups here and there, but on the whole, it was great nonetheless. Congratulations to the committee for making it possible.
Personally, I think the best part of the party was the food fight and the sacred ritual of water splashing which had gotten all house captains into trouble with Puan Rog (well, not all, if you know what I mean. hehe.) I really hope that the juniors enjoyed it as much as the seniors do. After all, this whole party thing is dedicated for them kan.
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An Ugly Duckling

This week, like the past three weeks, has been a busy one for me, particularly because there's just too much going on lately that I find myself barely able to keep up. Petang tadi, our shuttlers made the house proud after defeating Diamond players with the score of 3-2. Yippie. Congratulations to all players. Let's hope that the spirit will continue to prevail in the games to come. Owh, also, tomorrow we will be having another basketball match. In case you haven't heard, basketball is a game in which Garnet is consistently good at. therefore I really hope that tomorrow's result will justify my claim. Then at 8.15pm tomorrow, we will be having our Red Letter Night, or a welcoming party for the juniors. We'll see how it's gonna be.

Also, on Thursday, the Japanese Cultural Club will be conducting its first event of the semester, which is the Japanese Cultural Night (JCN08). Preparations have been made to ensure that the event will turn out to be a success like we had planned. Sigh. Attiyaa and I had a talk about how unorganised our lives are currently (or has it always been like that all this while? I'm not so sure either). Erk. if she had not shared her concern about her choice of subjects if she chooses to drop Further Math, then I wouldn't have realised mine! Warwick requires the applicants to take at least 3 and a half subjects, and unfortunately Thinking Skills is not considered as an AS subject. My combination of three subjects most probably will not be considered. Sheesh. I should've known that ages ago. So there goes my chances of getting into Warwick. Tapi biase la. Ignorance is bliss. Bagus betul. With many things going on right now, I feel like letting go of everything and let things be sorted on their own. If only it was that easy.

I just wanna break free.
Care to take me away with you?
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I just got back from a function at PWTC just now. We met Mr Imouzegar and Mr Shamsul again. And of course, Dato' Saifuddin as well. It has been a while, so it was great meeting them again. I bet Aainaa couldn't contain her excitement when her eyes caught the sight of Mr Imou:) The first thing I asked my chaletmates was how did Garnet fare in Minggu Citra Budaya. I was so anxious to hear the answer. However, it turned out that the answer was something that I can be proud of. Hooray. Actually, I'm very happy with the results, even though we could've done so much better overall. Nevertheless, this will be the starting block of something even greater ahead. Trust me. I will take a look at the detailed account of our achievements tomorrow morning before I can actually comment about Garnet's performance so far.
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Let Bygones Be Bygones

Hello people (if there are any).
I think I'm feeling better today. Finally able to stand up again after yesterday's agony of defeat. I was never in so much pressure like yesterday for quite some time now, so that was a very important reminder of practically everything. Lesson learned. So today, I started keeping a planner just to keep things organised and easy. I blame myself for not starting to use it earlier. Things could've been better now. But that's okay. It is a good start.

This afternoon, Aainaa and I will be going to PWTC for a function with Dato' Saifuddin. Mr Shamsul (or someone else) will take us from the college at 4.15pm. This will definitely relive those moments. I hope. And...this also means that I won't be able to be at the closing ceremony of Malay Cultural Week tonight. It's a big opportunity cost, I know. I really2 hope that our Boria dancers will put up a good performance tonight. Enough with the criticism already! I don't care if they win or lose, what matters most is that they do their best and enjoy every bit of it. Although I must admit, it'll be a great satisfaction to win the competition. Ada a sense of accomplishment.
So go Garnet go!

I just figured out that there is a link to my blog from Haqqa's page. I'm finally discovered!
Anyways, thanks for noticing:)
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