A Rebound

You know, after 10th of August, this blog was supposed to be one detailed account of my journey to Manchester. I already had everything planned. Oh how I really wanted to write about my experience enduring the last seven days leading to the big day, that Monday morning when I got my A Level results (along with the big smile on my face, the supposed prank I intended to pull on my parents about the results, the endless phone calls made and received, congratulating my friends on their excellent results. And then my journey to Manchester begins with visa application after receiving my unconditional offer from the university, followed by passport renewal, pre-departure briefing at Balai Felda, attending the ceremony celebrating the scholars, kenduri kesyukuran at my house, shopping and then KLIA. Then I'm already en-route to Manchester!

But as it came to my realisation, some things just don't come your way that easily.
I thought that at the end of the torment, after the excrutiating seven days of waiting, I would finally get what I had hoped for. Well, um, I guess things seemed to be a little bit more complicated than that.

On Monday, exactly one week before the results were out, I couldn't sit still. The clock's ticking alright! By Wednesday, I started having some weird dreams about marriage and world peace. On Friday, when I was having a bonding session with The Creator, there were tears on my cheeks. This was absolutely rare. Sunday night, in my opinion, was the longest night of my life. I couldn't sleep at all. Watching Man United being beaten by Chelsea in the Community Shield match gave me an epiphany. There goes Ferguson's Shield. Will my Manchester dream go the same way too? The aircond was switched on the whole night, and yet tucked underneath the blanket I found myself sweating like mad.

The thought of not being able to make it was killing me. What's gonna happen to the skydiving experience with Aainaa and the gang? What about the community service in Africa? What about Eurotrip? What about donning my best winter gear, walking along the streets of London and get spotted by Scott Schumann and being featured in The Sartorialist? What about taking part in Boxing Day shopping madness? What about Old Trafford? What about taking beautiful pictures? What about having a blonde girlfriend? (Okay, maybe not that) What about graduating and living the good life? Damn. Fikir je pun dah pening.

I had planned to make a countdown on this blog too, just like everyone else. And then on the last day before the results were announced, I would say something like this:

"If there was no update on this blog tomorrow regarding my results, then it could only mean one of two things - either there was a shortage of good news to deliver, or...I'm too busy celebrating!"
Hint: It's not the first one!

Or maybe something more catchy.

However, the results were not as pretty as I had hoped for. I knew that by 8.30am that day Facebook was already flooded by updates delivering their good news. Congratulations were everywhere. Oh how I wished I could join you lot. I didn't have the nerve to tell my parents just yet, so I waited until my dad came home that night to break the news at the dining table. What a great timing to spill the bean yeah? Soon awkward silence filled the air. Eyes downcast to the dinner plate, I was feeling guilty as hell. Urgh.

But I know deep down that not all is lost. I know it was a major disappointment, but this thing is far from over you know. Reading the entry from Fiqss' blog made me realise about how the system works. Her post reminded me to not lose hope, but to have faith instead.

Then it occured to me. It seems that my brain works best under pressure or when I'm caught in a problem. When I was a kid, I used to get into a lot of trouble and yet I had always managed to find a way out. This is no exception either. Hence, I masterminded a plan. An master plan that will take me and my luggage to the UK this September. Oh I will get there alright. Just you wait.

P/S: Aainaa has a blog!


fiqss said...

thats rite, keep on moving oggy =)
everything happens for a reason.

gluck dude!best wishes ;)