Out of Exile, Into the Wild

So my visa was finally approved yesterday, just in time for my flight to Manchester tonight at 2120 hours.

Finally, something worth updating in a very long time.


Amirah A. said...

i've been a discreet follower of your blog, so i thought i might as well come out now and wish you all the best in manchester! :)

audrey lim chia tchi* said...

All the best, Oggy.

Sakinah Mohd. Farit said...

Bye Oggy! Good luck and have fun in Manchester! :)

wiriyak s. said...

whoh!! new layout!! all the best oggy. i hope you'll find Manchester a suitable place to grow and learn. be safe and drink loads of water.

Ting said...

Hey, Alif, All the best to you in Manchester. keep in touch.

fiqss said...

awesome layout!=)

waaaaaaaaaaa jealous nye ure goin to MANCHESTER! daymnn.

may u be an avid fan, no more pkai2 jersey team lain ye :P LOL

owh, selamat hari raya oggy!! all the best there!:)

pssst. will u still be in manchester 2013?