Bukit Jalil

Five hours ago, summarised:
-Received a phone call from Meri. "Man U match jom!" It was already 7pm.
-Rushed to his place and half an hour later, I arrived.
-Followed his entourage of little cousins and family members to the stadium.
-Arrived at 8.30pm. Seated at the VIP area. Ihsan and his friend were also there.
-Watched the match, then it ended with the score 2-0.
-Macheda threw his jersey at our spot. Sket lagi nak capai. Cis, abang depan lak dapat.
-Before we headed home, lepak SS15 makan roti tampal favourite Meri. Kenyang.

Ihsan and Akmal.


Nani macam robot owh.

Pakcik bertuah.

The entourage.

Thanks Meri!


fiqss said...

shit. camne meghi dapat vip seats? jealous nyeeeeeeeeeee.

and i saw macheda throw the jersey. pakcik tu ke dapat. daymnnn u lucky old man. kalau i jd u i struggle berebut ngn pakcik tu ok! bcos he threw it.

scholes ada gak kasi his jersey. but he didnt throw it, he pin pointed dia nak bagi kat siapa. he gave it to this lil boy. awwwwwww

i'm so sad theyre leaving msia!!:(

alifnur said...

owh owh. i saw scholes jugak.they said die kasi his jersey dkt the boy, then suddenly ade mamat tarik from him. tu yg die suro mamat tu kasi blk kat the boy. haha.

tu la. mmg just one row lg dpn kiteorg. kalau berebut tu mmg bley dpt ar. tp sopan santun punye psl:P

act, we almost got the chance to tour around the dressing room, tp bodyguard malaysia mcm lebey2 sket kan. haha.

they're leaving owh. tp yesterday's match okay jugak kan?