So today I went there as early as I could, but unfortunately Mr Taj wasn't available for the whole day. Instead, I was greeted by his secretary. Her name is...oh no. I forgot.

"Itulah, nak jumpa dia tak boleh main redah je tau. Adik kalau tak buat appointment, susah la nak set up a meeting. Adik ada bagitau dia?" she asked.

"Ada. Saya ada email dia semalam."

"Dia ada reply tak?"


"Patutlah." Dang. Terkena balik.

But it wasn't over yet as she agreed to reschedule the meeting to Monday afternoon. I handed her the letter still, in case Mr Taj was around. Guess I survived the scare today.

And later tonight, the whole family is going back to Ipoh for the kenduri doa selamat which will take place tomorrow at Atok's place. Haih. Lagi banyaklah soalan-soalan sensitif tentang masa depan saya yang perlu dijawab esok.

"I have no further comments. Thank you." If only it's that easy.