Tomorrow morning, I will get to Balai Felda to meet Mr Taj, Felda Holding's Senior Executive Director of Human Resource and hand him this letter.

Dear Mr Tajuddin Carrim,

I am deeply sorry to learn that my results, as you are already informed, did not meet the requirements that have been set by Felda Holdings. I am saddened by this outcome because the results do not reflect my true potentials. For your information, I have been a consistent student throughout the semesters, besides actively getting involved in college activities. The college can definitely confirm this for you.
I am also aware that my grades may result in the termination of the sponsorship contract with Felda Holdings and that the release letter will be on its way to my mailbox sometime next week. However, in my humble opinion, I do not believe that this is the end of the road. I would like to kindly seek your courtesy to revise my case due to several reasons.
First and foremost, it is indeed true that not only have I failed to meet the sponsor’s requirements, but also both my firm and insurance universities’ as well. However, before any decision is being made, I have good news which I hope will reverse the situation.
1. The University of Manchester has reviewed my case earlier this week and to my delight, they have agreed to offer me a place in one of the degree programmes stated below:

L100 – Economics
N100 – Business Studies

Their Economics degree programme, for your information, belongs in the top 20 universities in the UK which offer the programme. Under normal circumstances, the requirements are usually higher. For my case, however, they are willing to make an exception. The degree programme, to my delight, can be combined with 29 different majors, with Accounting and Finance being some of the combinations offered. Furthermore, the Manchester Business School is also well-known for being the hub of business professionals and economics researchers.

2. In addition to the offer received by University of Manchester, the University of Exeter is also kind enough to consider my case and is highly likely to offer me a place in their degree programme for the October intake. The offer was initially made at ABB, but after reviewing my case they have agreed to lower down the grade. The offer will only be made after 20th of August 2009. This is great news for me nevertheless, considering the fact that Exeter currently is the second best university behind Bath in relation to Accounting and Finance programme*.

*Based on the Times Good University Guide 2010

3. Earlier this year, I took the effort to make an application for a place in one of Australian universities to pursue a degree in a related course. University of Melbourne, which belongs to the elite Group of Eight, have offered me a place in their Bachelor of Commerce degree programme for February 2010 intake. For your information, its Bachelor of Commerce programme is as good as, if not better, than the one offered by London School of Economics.

What I mean to say here is that even though my journey to Manchester might have been held back a little bit by this disappointment, I am lucky enough to be given not just one, but three opportunities to mend the situation right. I have learnt, from my personal experience, of many people who shared similar upsets as I currently do and yet the slight misfortunes did not hold them down. They failed to meet their sponsors’ requirements, but because of the trust being given to them, they managed to prove that the results they received were only a tiny fluke. I do understand that it is the policy of Felda Holdings to maintain the standard by setting 2A 1B as the minimum target, but in my humble opinion, the results are only part of the process. I know that everyone, myself included, has tried the very best to achieve this, but there is a bigger picture that we have to look at. I do admit that I have failed to live up to your expectation, but right now, I have the opportunity to prove my qualities. Three universities have put their trusts in me and are expecting my arrival. The only thing that is left is your approval.

I have done all I that I could on my part, and now my fate lies in your decision. Hence, I am full of hopes that you would consider my situation the best way possible. I personally believe that, rather than relinquishing Felda Holdings’ investment on me by terminating the contract, it will be more desirable to see your investment grow and become even more rewarding in the long run. Parting ways with Felda will definitely be a difficult thing for me to go through.

I would like to thank you for the luxury provided throughout my entire 24 months in KYUEM. I am forever indebted.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Alif Nurhaziq

Hope everything will turn out for the best. Wish me luck.


Nea pAkAiOtAk said...

Good luck Oggy :)

imanmanan said...

oggy,good luck too!!

Farquar Haqqani said...

InsyaAllah kau lepas Oggy.Kita bukan nak naik train from London to Moscow,take the Trans-Siberian Rail and somehow from Port Arthur find our way back to KL ke? =)

alifnur said...

nea & iman: thank you for your support. i will try my best.

haqqa: tu la. siape nak amek gambar kite when we embark on the epic journey nanti? haha. btw kau pulak ape cite? ade update with khazanah yet?

majin said...

Goodluck dude. They wil make a very big mistake if they do not review ur case.

dun wori too much. See u in uk!

alifnur said...

thanks majin:)

Farquar Haqqani said...

U probably already know that I'll know of my khazanah scholarship some time tomorrow.Kalau facebook update tu happy semacam then tau laa kenapa.haha

And ye dowh!Siapa nak tangkap gambar Safu lawan dengan a grizzly bear in Siberia with his bear hands untuk poster Mr July 2010/11? =D

Thriller said...

We share the same fate and I believe we can do this man. Good Luck! :)

Syafiq said...

aku sgt tertarik ngan post ni..
oggy,so actually result ko brape?
pastu felda ckp canne nk bg ko fly?citer sket...

surat ko mantap seyh..nk harapkan aku tulis mcm ni..light years away man..kalo aku tau,aku mintak ko tulih surat utk aku ke jpa dulu..
haih kalo la jpa mcm felda...
nway all the best 4 ur future undertakings!