Do you know what I like the most about my occasional trips to Atlas? The scent of clean clothes, all dry and warm, fresh from the dryer. If no one's around, I would probably take the time to savour the moment by inhaling deeply the rich fruity scent of the comforter, then followed by a long "Aahh..." How satisfying. I guess the whole experience is even better than a trip to Musicana for a round of shisha fun time.

On the hand, if there are people around, I'll just read a book or listen to my iPhone instead.

Now that I'm able to write all this while doing my laundy could probably mean only one thing: the Economics lecture this afternoon is cancelled. So hooray to that.

The parents expressed their worries yesterday over the lack of communication between them and this son they own. I'm really sorry, but the Internet is somewhat uncooperative recently. I have no idea that she's the jealous type. Don't worry, I'll Skype you guys later alright.

Okay. It's now time for lunch.

P/S: Have you ever stepped inside a Hollister retail store? I really really love the atmostphere. The scent of summer, the dimmed lights and the beach like ambience really set the mood. It makes the shopping (in my case mostly it refers to window shopping) experience really worthwhile.

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